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Stop the special interests, the cronyism in government.  

Say, “Enough!” to politicians who tell you one thing and do another.  

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Joe’s Corner

If you want a good picture of how cronyism works in Congress, read Timothy Carney’s article on the topic in the June 24th Washington Examiner.

Sometimes it is difficult to determine who controls whom, the politician or the large corporations.  At the least, it is a symbiotic relationship that subjugates the interests of the people to the hunger for power and money by politicians and corporations alike.  From the perspective of cronyism, the two major parties are same in that they both play the game. This is why policies, whether corporate bailouts or tax breaks for the 1%,  change very little, regardless of which party is in power.

On the other hand, the battle against corporate influence, special interests and elitist politicians is where the Green Party, the Tea Party  and the Occupy movement can find common ground.

Eliminating this corruption of government is key to solving the other problems we face as a nation today.  

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Cybersecurity Act Unacceptable

The Cybersecurity Act of2012, S.2105, is no better than SOPA, PIPA and CISPA that failed  due to substantial public opposition.  If, indeed, it is imperative that we have cybersecurity legislation to protect the nation from catastrophe, then why doesn’t Congress develop legislation that focuses on protecting critical infrastructure, rather than going after common hackers and copyright infringement, and trampling on privacy rights and civil liberties?  Read more.

Energy Plan Sets Goals for 2025

Joe’s energy plan sets goals of 30% of our electricity from renewable energy and a 30% reduction in oil consumption by 2025.  Read more.

Tax Reform Cuts Deficit in Half

The core of Joe’s approach to creating a budget surplus to pay down the national debt is is a simplified tax code for individuals and corporations that generates additional tax revenue of over $400 billion without raising the effective tax rate for most Americans.  It does so by closing loopholes that wealthy taxpayers and corporations use to avoid paying taxes.  It taxes corporate revenues rather than profits and exempts the first $500,000 of revenue from taxation, benefitting the small businesses that create the majority of jobs.   Read more.

Lovass: Galdo Only Progressive Candidate

Discussing the Congressional race in Virginia’s 11th Congressional District, Reston Impact host John Lovaas says, “..the only real progressive candidate in the race is rookie Green Party candidate Joe Galdo.”    Read more.

Don’t Waste Your Vote

Here in Virginia's 11th District, the truly wasted vote in this year's Congressional race is a vote for the Democratic incumbent or the Republican challenger.  For Democrats dissatisfied with the mediocre representation they have in Congress, for Republicans who have been gerrymandered out of the race, for independents turned off by both parties, the only real choice in the 11th District Congressional race is Green Party candidate Joe Galdo.   Read More.

Solar for  Schools

Instead of wasting taxpayer dollars bailing out venture capitalists and subsidizing large corporations, why not help out cash-strapped local schools?      Read More.

Incumbent Misleads Voters and Wastes Taxpayer Dollars

In a brochure Congressman Gerry Connolly sent out to voters in July at taxpayer’s expense, he takes credit for legislation he says creates jobs. Nothing could be further from the truth. One bill, Startup Act 2.0, provides windfall profits to the 1% through a permanent 100% tax exemption for capital gains. Connolly’s claim that he obtained additional funding for the Dulles extension also distorts the facts. The bill also puts American citizenship up for sale to wealthy foreign investors, and discourages our youth from pursuing careers in science, math and technology. Read More.

“I hope we shall take warning from the example and crush in it’s birth the aristocracy of our monied corporations which dare already to challenge our government to a trial of strength and bid defiance to the laws of our country.”

Jefferson, Letter to George Logan, November 12, 1816

Will Northern Virginia be at the Epicenter of the Next Economic Downdraft?

Continued gridlock on Capitol Hill and the failure of Congress to fix the fiscal mess it has created will place Northern Virginia at the epicenter of the next economic downturn. Fourteen percent of Fairfax County’s half-million workers are employed by the federal government. Projected reductions in the federal budget could cost Fairfax and Prince William Counties more than 20,000 jobs a year over the next decade.  But, even more worrisome is the prospect of historically low interest rates returning to the norm and doubling the interest payments on the national debt to $1 trillion or more a year. This exceeds the total federal revenue from individual income taxes in 2010. Local and state budgets are already strained; and maintaining the quality of our public education system, and providing the level of police, fire and other public services we expect from our local and state governments has become a difficult challenge. If the current improving economic trend, even though modest, reverses, what is now a difficult challenge will become an impossible task.  

Take Back Government from the “Monied Corporations.”

The economic problems we face today result from a myriad of government policies that concentrate income in the hands of a few , including:

Inflation is a hidden tax that robs wage earners and those on fixed incomes, while increasing the wealth of the richest of Americans. The driving force behind these policies has been the expanded influence of the “monied corporations” on Congress and the White House.  

Trillions of taxpayers dollars have been wasted bailing out Wall Street and funneling stimulus money to failing multinational corporations or risky start-ups.  Meanwhile these same corporations and their owners, the infamous 1%, refuse to pay for these handouts or for the wars that were fought to protect their interests.  Through the multitude of tax deductions, credits and loopholes that Congress has built into the tax code at their request, and the sheer complexity of the tax code that invites illegal tax evasion, this self-anointed aristocracy threatens to bankrupt our government.

Erosion of Bill of Rights

At a time when the earth and its natural resources are for sale to the highest bidder, and wealth and power are equated with happiness, it is not surprising that money buys justice, that money buys government.  It is also not surprising that since 9/11 a politics of fear has been employed to erode the protections guaranteed by the Bill of Rights against the power of government and those who might control it. Such basic rights as habeas corpus and right to trial continue to be attacked by the current administration, with the acquiescence of Congress. In the extension of the Patriot Act and more recent enhancements of the government’s powers in the defense authorization bill, our representatives and senators  have violated Virginia’s tradition as a champion for freedom and liberty.  

Time to Renew the Spirit of America

If we are to preserve the Spirit of ‘76, the spirit that is Virginia, the spirit that is America, we must take a stand now to restore the vision of a government of the people, by the people and for the people grounded in the unalienable right to life, the right to liberty and the rule of law. We must restore the Constitution as the premier law of the land and restore the intent of the Founding Fathers to limit the powers of the federal government. If we do not, we are co-conspirators with the “monied corporations” and their owners in subverting our democratic form of government and the Constitution that is it’s very foundation.

It is time to take a stand against the cronyism, the special interests, and the partisan politics that are robbing America of its future. Be sure to exercise your right to vote on November 6.  And vote against the status quo.   Vote for real change.

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